Chuck Cerrillo

full stack web developer

landscape photographer

It was back in the days when free email hosts only offered 2MB of space, and transfer speeds were measured in kilobytes per second, that my friends and I started tinkering with HTML. We were like cavemen carrying clubs and hurling rocks compared to where we are now.

I am a full-stack web developer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I started my professional career as a back-end developer dealing with applications built in PHP and MySQL. From there, I ventured towards front-end development and mobile application development. Server administration is also something I do on the side. If you look closely, you'll notice that this thing is running on HTTP/2.

I also do landscape photography, which is one of the ways that I spend my spare time.

I am a landscape photographer.

Thanks to Melbourne's ever-changing weather, earning the distinction of having four seasons in a day, I would consider myself to fall into the weekend warrior category. With several scenic spots within an hour's drive, it is easy to get out and drive up to one of these spots on any given day and you might still end up with good light.

I run a YouTube channel about Xeriscaping

Cerriscapades Logo

I am a collector of succulent plants, focussing particularly on Echeveria. Learn more about it by visiting Cerriscapades on YouTube.

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